E-commerce & Invoice Management

In Travel Agent CMS every functionality is built on the concept of the end-user and simplifying the operational tasks is the number one priority. Our inbuilt Ecommerce facilities get the job done with converting leads to sales. Payment mode like Pay Pal, Google Checkout, Credit Card, Bank Transfer…

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Bookings Management

Travel Agent CMS possesses a powerful bookings management system which enables users to easily filter and update the reservation status of orders. The operator can easily manage the bookings and set the statuses with different levels like Inquiry, In Progress, Payment, and Confirmed.

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Inquiry Management

Travel Agent CMS comes with in build state of the art customer inquiry management system. The Travel Agent Inquiry Cart’s administration panel is build on the Web 2.0 concept that makes it user friendly, operation and management is easily handled by any non-tech users. The Inquiry management system enables you to track individual requests from customers.

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Online Reservation Engine

Travel Agent CMS includes an integrated Online Booking System with a web-based Administration Panel to manage every assigned content category to specific reservation order. The structure of the system is divided into forms per service category which includes Travel Activities, Flights & Rentals, Hotels & Accommodation and Custom Travel Plan.

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We understand every users needs in today’s internet experience which is not powered by single language anymore. Our Travel Agent Solutions come with multi-lingual features that let you use as many languages on your website as you wish. You can add as many translated version of your website online as you like without compromising on SEO features with our Travel Agent CMS.

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Enhanced SEO features

Travel Agent CMS comes along with best of the industry Search Engine Optimization facilities. Built-in site wide and per service/product level SEO options help bring up your search engine rankings faster than ever before. You get the full power to custom edit your URLs, Titles, Meta Descriptions & Keywords of each and every page of your travel website.

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About Travel Agent CMS

Travel Agent CMS is a web 2.0 solution specially designed for Travel Agencies & Tour Operators. With Travel Agent Content Management System you can easily convert and manage all of your offline resources onto online which gives you an instant way to sell your travel products and itineraries right to the world of internet users...


Customer Feedback

The system is amazing we can publish our new tour itineraries & services on the fly. Best part is that there are no limitations on what we can publish, this helped us allot, we were struggling to find the right solution for our growing business and Travel Agent CMS is just the right choice.
Way to Nepal  - http://waytonepal.com
Travel Agent CMS has provided us with an excellent product which is tailored to the needs of our agency. They have succeeded in creating a specific system that our company has been looking for months now. From day one of interactions they knew exactly what we needed and turnaround was quick and impressive.
Elite Phuket  - http://elitephuket.com