Online Booking & Reservation Engine

Travel Agent CMS includes an integrated Online Booking System with a web-based Administration Panel to manage every assigned content category to specific reservation order. The structure of the system is divided into forms per service category which includes Travel Activities, Flights & Rentals, Hotels & Accommodation and Custom Travel Plan. With specific structuring every order is easily tracked with our Online Booking engine which is user-friendly and supports multiple content medias. The Administration system is intuitive and fully supports the end-to-end activities of the travel business including operations and financial aspects.

Inquiry Management

Travel Agent CMS comes with in build state of the art customer inquiry management system. The Travel Agent Inquiry Cart’s administration panel is build on the Web 2.0 concept that makes it user friendly, operation and management is easily handled by any non-tech users. The Inquiry management system enables you to track individual requests from customers. Quick Inquiry is one of the popular forms integrated in the system which brings the requests into your Inquiry Management queue – so you can go through them one by one and ensure you don’t miss any potential lead. The operator can easily perform all of the tasks without leaving one main panel which gives access to the following functionalities:

  • Track new Customer Inquiries and reservations
  • Follow-up with the customers with the internal messaging system
  • Make invoices & Bills
  • Update booking & reservation status until confirmed
  • Update, Edit and lock booked items
  • Download, Print Invoices and itineraries
  • Start new inquiries with customers

E-commerce &Invoice Management

In Travel Agent CMS every functionality is built on the concept of the end-user and simplifying the operational tasks is the number one priority. Our inbuilt Ecommerce facilities get the job done with converting leads to sales. Payment mode like Pay Pal, Google Checkout, Credit Card, Bank Transfer and pay at pick-up are available. The task of creating invoice & bills is as easy as typing numbers into a calculator; the printable and downloadable copies of invoice are generated on the fly.

Bookings Management

Travel Agent CMS possesses a powerful bookings management system which enables users to easily filter and update the reservation status of orders. The operator can easily manage the bookings and set the statuses with different levels like Inquiry, In Progress, Payment, and Confirmed. You can easily receive payments online and confirm the booked itineraries directly from the system.

Content & Media Management

Our content Management system is powered WordPress the state-of-the-art publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability. Content management system allows you to edit and update your website from wherever and whenever necessary keeping your website dynamic can’t get easier than this. Upload special offers, add enticing images or videos, write your own destination guides and travel itineraries, it’s all possible within one user friendly administration panel. Publish and manage your content for tours & activities, hotels & accommodation, flights, cruises, charter & rental transportation everything can be easily updated and ready for customers without web without a web designer or a tech person.


We understand every users needs in today’s internet experience which is not powered by single language anymore. Our Travel Agent Solutions come with multi-lingual features that let you use as many languages on your website as you wish. You can add as many translated version of your website online as you like without compromising on SEO features with our Travel Agent CMS.

Social Media Connect & Share

With today’s internet advancement everything is connected and social media networking has become one of the biggest markets on the internet. Search engine rankings have become a secondary result of viral content that reaches the right influencers faster then anything, successful social media campaign will boost search engine rankings significantly. Travel Agent CMS comes with social media sharing options for every published travel services & products. Open ID connect for connecting form any social media networking sites is also available in our tour operator software.

Enhanced SEO features

Travel Agent CMS comes along with best of the industry Search Engine Optimization facilities. Built-in site wide and per service/product level SEO options help bring up your search engine rankings faster than ever before. You get the full power to custom edit your URLs, Titles, Meta Descriptions & Keywords of each and every page of your travel website.